Brainhack Western 2017

Robarts Research Institute, Western University

London, ON - CANADA

March 2-4, 2017

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Show your research to other neuroimaging/neuroscience researchers.

Gain Skills

Learn how to apply the latest computational tools to your data.

Get Involved

Find exciting projects that you would like to contribute to.

Be Social

Meet researchers from a variety of backgrounds.

Registration is now closed! More details will be sent to registered attendees next week!

Please join the Brainhack Slack project, channel #bhg17-western to start collaborating!

Brainhack Western 2017 is an official satellite event of the Brainhack Global 2017.

The goal of the hackathon is to bring together researchers and trainees with disparate backgrounds to collaborate on open science projects in neuroimaging and neuroscience. Brainhack projects are pitched on the first night, and attendees will form into teams to work on these projects over the next two days. Tutorial sessions on a variety of topics will be held throughout for attendees to learn new skills.

When: March 2-4, 2017 (full schedule)

Cost: Free, also includes on-site meals, snacks and coffee (registration closed)

Location: 6th floor of Robarts Research Institute, Western University

Prizes to be announced!

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